Welded Art Happiness

My husband is a genius. No really, I am surrounded by incredibly creative people in my life (see my dad’s work here: Koostik), but that-boy-I-love has some MAD skills.

I’m pretty convinced that he can do anything, like Iron Man if Iron Man were also an artist.

@jtenkely’s latest project is one that he has been working on in his “spare” time for work. This is his company’s 20th year, so they have each team creating a canvas that showcases an aspect of that 20 years. @jtenkely got the logo. Not one to do anything like anyone else does, he went well beyond how most of us think of a canvas. The result is this amazing Rube-Goldberg type machine that includes some incredible ingenuity, welding, electronics, and pure art.

How he dreams up these things and THEN executes them, I will never know. He is amazing, talented, and easy on the eyes. Love that man!


Oh yeah, and he makes furniture.

Welded art happiness.

Couch Potato Happiness: “c-table”

We got a new sofa a few months ago.  It is a big win.  I am a huge fan of the oversized, cozy leather.

Somewhere along the way we got the following advice: don’t purchase furniture for your current house, unless it is your forever house.  This sofa is enormous, like take-up-an entire-wall-of-our-house huge.  And as deep as a twin sized bed.  So…our little starter home living room looks a little small for this super awesome sofa.  It actually works pretty well except for one thing: we can’t have a side table next to it.  Obviously, if you are going to be a couch potato, this is a necessity.  Where will you set drinks and snacks?!

Jonathan solved this little problem with a weekend project.  A c-table.  Brilliant!  Now we can couch potato it up in some serious style.

Legacy Goods C Table

It looks amazing!  I’ve already requested a second- we should each have a table right?

Legacy Goods C Table

That boy I love is so stinking talented.  This is some serious couch potato happiness.



Sofa Table Happiness

I love when Jonathan takes time off of work.  Besides being super available for Starbucks whims, he tends to end up in the garage creating something wonderful.  Christmas staycation ends up being a huge win for me.  Jonathan recently discovered a steel yard in Denver with crazy cool finds.  On our last day off, we took a trip down to the steel yard and found some gems to bring home.

Happiness is a project

The plan was to build a sofa table for the living room. The base was to be steel and we wanted a solid wood top.  Our next trip was to Austin Hardwood.  We are HUGE fans of a beautiful wood, Austin is like a wonderland.  We looked through the woods in the showroom but ended up heading to the warehouse where we could choose a wider cut.

Happiness is a project

We found a GORGEOUS piece of walnut with a great big knot and beautiful graining.  I mean, seriously?! How can you beat that?

Happiness is a project

That boy I love got right to work cutting steel and welding up the base.

Happiness is a project Jonathan Tenkely

He prepped the wood, media blasted the soft tissue out of the knot, sanded and finished with polyurethane.

Happiness is a project

Can you even stand how perfect that walnut is?  Love. It.

Happiness is a project

Top affixed to bottom and it was ready for the house.

The problem?  It is entirely too perfect to hide behind a sofa.  So, it doesn’t. We have it in the living room but we are using it more as a console table.

Happiness is a project

Pretty thrilled with this staycation project.  That boy is talented!


Cocktail Tray Happiness

There are days when Jonathan disappears into the garage for hours (days) at a time.  I peek out every once in a while to try to sneak peeks at whatever it is he is making.  Sometimes he lets me in on his brilliant projects, and other times I get a “none of your business, you will see it when it is finished.”  This project falls into the latter category.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the need for something for the top of our coffee table.  We have had this table for a while but it recently made a journey from the basement sitting area to our living room.  I love how BIG this table is, but it just felt like it was missing something.  We looked all over the place at trays and various options that might be the missing piece to our table top.  Nothing was right. Most of it was just too small.

On Friday (long weekends are the BEST), Jonathan disappeared into the garage.  I didn’t know what he was making, but it looked like it was going to be pretty cool.  It started as a welding project, we had some left over steel from another project that didn’t get used.  At first glance, I assumed he was just putzing and perfecting skills.  The next time I popped my head out, the frame he had welded had this going on:

Which is pretty darn cool all on its own.  But then he did this to it:

Just wow.  Coolest customized cocktail tray ever!  That boy I love is crazy talented.

Missing piece…found!


  • Angle steel welded into a square
  • Fence post scrap wood
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Sander/sandpaper to give it some character

I think this technique would make a really cool headboard.  A project for another day!

|Kelly Tenkely|
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