Jewelry Cabinet Happiness


Have I mentioned how much I love LONG weekends?  I really, really do.  That boy I love always has some amazing project as a result of a 3 day weekend.  This particular project made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning.  It combined my love of organization and all things sparkly.

After seeing my before picture you may be doubting my love of organization.  This is not for a lack of wanting to be organized, but instead it is all about lack of space.  I was working with what I had.

The before (I’m cringing just revealing this one):

photo 1 copy


I mentioned this dilemma to Jonathan and the next thing I knew, we were wandering the isles of Home Depot picking up supplies for a solution.  For the next day, Jonathan worked his magic:

photo 1


That boy is a genius I tell you!

I had been finding some cute solutions to jewelry organization on Pinterest, but our wall space is precious and limited.  The cute finds were not going to work.  Jonathan settled on installing this gem behind the door in our closet.  I was determined not to lose the cheap mirror that came with our house and requested it be incorporated.   The original idea was to inset this jewelry cabinet in the wall so that it was flush with the wall.  After cutting into the wall, we learned that this was not an option…aren’t random air returns fun?  Drywall re-attached, the cabinet was hung behind the door.

photo 2

Hooray! I didn’t lose my mirror.

photo 3


This my friends was a moment of pure joy.  A blank canvas ready to be bling’d up.  Excitement.

photo 3 copy


That boy made it possible to include all of my necklaces and dangly earrings.  It is a thing of pure beauty.

And the jewelry drawer…well now I can actually find watches, earrings and bracelets.

photo 2 copy


If that doesn’t say happiness, I don’t know what does!

Pure genius that boy.