Little Libary- Happiness is a project

A Happy Little Library


Little Library- Happiness is a project

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Summer is my favorite because it includes extra amounts of free time and daylight for reading and projects (in that order).

This particular project was a happy combination of reading and making…so mostly it was the perfect kind of project!

Little libraries are popping up all over Denver. They are fabulous. The little libraries are all unique, they tell a story about their creator. They share a bit of life and perspective with a stranger. They spread ideas and good will.

Denver Little Library York Street

My dad often gifts us with scraps of gorgeous hardwood. This is just one of the benefits of Koostik for us. That-Boy-I-Love and I have a crate filled with these hardwood scraps. After seeing a few of these little libraries, an idea began to form. The hardwood scraps needed to have new life as a little library!IMG_1648       IMG_1655

IMG_1653  IMG_1652


I embarked on this project solo, but because I was in man territory (also known as the garage), That-Boy-I-Love soon joined me.


I can proudly claim this project with the exception of the roof which required ripping old fence posts down the center. That-Boy-I-Love wasn’t interested in a trip to the emergency room and handled that portion solo.

All-in-all, I’d call this project a win! LOVE our happy little library.

Couch Potato Happiness: “c-table”

We got a new sofa a few months ago.  It is a big win.  I am a huge fan of the oversized, cozy leather.

Somewhere along the way we got the following advice: don’t purchase furniture for your current house, unless it is your forever house.  This sofa is enormous, like take-up-an entire-wall-of-our-house huge.  And as deep as a twin sized bed.  So…our little starter home living room looks a little small for this super awesome sofa.  It actually works pretty well except for one thing: we can’t have a side table next to it.  Obviously, if you are going to be a couch potato, this is a necessity.  Where will you set drinks and snacks?!

Jonathan solved this little problem with a weekend project.  A c-table.  Brilliant!  Now we can couch potato it up in some serious style.

Legacy Goods C Table

It looks amazing!  I’ve already requested a second- we should each have a table right?

Legacy Goods C Table

That boy I love is so stinking talented.  This is some serious couch potato happiness.



Jewelry Cabinet Happiness


Have I mentioned how much I love LONG weekends?  I really, really do.  That boy I love always has some amazing project as a result of a 3 day weekend.  This particular project made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning.  It combined my love of organization and all things sparkly.

After seeing my before picture you may be doubting my love of organization.  This is not for a lack of wanting to be organized, but instead it is all about lack of space.  I was working with what I had.

The before (I’m cringing just revealing this one):

photo 1 copy


I mentioned this dilemma to Jonathan and the next thing I knew, we were wandering the isles of Home Depot picking up supplies for a solution.  For the next day, Jonathan worked his magic:

photo 1


That boy is a genius I tell you!

I had been finding some cute solutions to jewelry organization on Pinterest, but our wall space is precious and limited.  The cute finds were not going to work.  Jonathan settled on installing this gem behind the door in our closet.  I was determined not to lose the cheap mirror that came with our house and requested it be incorporated.   The original idea was to inset this jewelry cabinet in the wall so that it was flush with the wall.  After cutting into the wall, we learned that this was not an option…aren’t random air returns fun?  Drywall re-attached, the cabinet was hung behind the door.

photo 2

Hooray! I didn’t lose my mirror.

photo 3


This my friends was a moment of pure joy.  A blank canvas ready to be bling’d up.  Excitement.

photo 3 copy


That boy made it possible to include all of my necklaces and dangly earrings.  It is a thing of pure beauty.

And the jewelry drawer…well now I can actually find watches, earrings and bracelets.

photo 2 copy


If that doesn’t say happiness, I don’t know what does!

Pure genius that boy.



Sofa Table Happiness

I love when Jonathan takes time off of work.  Besides being super available for Starbucks whims, he tends to end up in the garage creating something wonderful.  Christmas staycation ends up being a huge win for me.  Jonathan recently discovered a steel yard in Denver with crazy cool finds.  On our last day off, we took a trip down to the steel yard and found some gems to bring home.

Happiness is a project

The plan was to build a sofa table for the living room. The base was to be steel and we wanted a solid wood top.  Our next trip was to Austin Hardwood.  We are HUGE fans of a beautiful wood, Austin is like a wonderland.  We looked through the woods in the showroom but ended up heading to the warehouse where we could choose a wider cut.

Happiness is a project

We found a GORGEOUS piece of walnut with a great big knot and beautiful graining.  I mean, seriously?! How can you beat that?

Happiness is a project

That boy I love got right to work cutting steel and welding up the base.

Happiness is a project Jonathan Tenkely

He prepped the wood, media blasted the soft tissue out of the knot, sanded and finished with polyurethane.

Happiness is a project

Can you even stand how perfect that walnut is?  Love. It.

Happiness is a project

Top affixed to bottom and it was ready for the house.

The problem?  It is entirely too perfect to hide behind a sofa.  So, it doesn’t. We have it in the living room but we are using it more as a console table.

Happiness is a project

Pretty thrilled with this staycation project.  That boy is talented!


Holiday Decoration Happiness

This post is a little bit cheating.  Jonathan created this gem YEARS ago…like when we were newly married and still lived in a weensy apartment.  It used to live above our dining room table at Christmas time.  These days, it hangs above our sidebar console.  It still looks equally OUTSTANDING.  This one was pretty easy, just a branch (he brought it home one day…I have NO idea where he cut it from), some garland, some berries/leaves/pinecones to make it shmancy and a glass bird we got from Pottery Barn last year.  Bringing nature inside is always a win.

Happiness is a Project: Christmas branch

Happiness is a Project: Christmas Branch

Now, for the NOT cheating part: an art project I completed last week.  We sometimes purchase things on sale without knowing exactly what we will do with them.  This was the case for some pretty fun picture frames.  They sat on our wall empty for a week before I couldn’t stand it any more.  For the Christmas season they have something in them…after that, it is anyones guess!

This art project includes just a little bit of therapy.  Confession: I have a phobia of taxidermy. I know, so weird.  It is a real thing: taxidermiphobia, look it up.  I can’t even describe the heebie jeebies taxidermy gives me.  It is problematic when you live in Colorado and people believe that this is home/restaurant/store decor.  For the record, dead animals are not decoration.  Period.  Like I said, this project is a bit of therapy for me.  I’m working hard on passing taxidermy without a full on panic attack.  So, I decided an art project might be a good first step.  I found a picture that I could tolerate of a deer head.  This was printed out on heavy card stock, the image covered in glue and glitter.  I have to say, even with my intense reaction to all things taxidermy, I like this.  Very festive and fun.  Hopefully this is a first step to being able to see an animal head without a full on panic attack.

Happiness is a Project: Glitter Deer art

The second picture was WAY easier to tackle…no bad associations here.  We live with Shiba Inus, if you have never seen these dogs, they are beautiful and foxy.  Literally, they are foxy. They look like foxes.  Aya has the stronger resemblance with the same coloring.

Happiness is a Project: Tenkely Shiba Inus

You can’t be a Shiba Inu fan without falling in love without everything fox.  Which is why this happened.  Appropriate for our house at Christmas where woodland creatures of all sort tend to take up residence.  #Squirrelplease

Happiness is a Project: Fox glitter art

Happy Christmas!