Little Libary- Happiness is a project

A Happy Little Library


Little Library- Happiness is a project

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Summer is my favorite because it includes extra amounts of free time and daylight for reading and projects (in that order).

This particular project was a happy combination of reading and making…so mostly it was the perfect kind of project!

Little libraries are popping up all over Denver. They are fabulous. The little libraries are all unique, they tell a story about their creator. They share a bit of life and perspective with a stranger. They spread ideas and good will.

Denver Little Library York Street

My dad often gifts us with scraps of gorgeous hardwood. This is just one of the benefits of Koostik for us. That-Boy-I-Love and I have a crate filled with these hardwood scraps. After seeing a few of these little libraries, an idea began to form. The hardwood scraps needed to have new life as a little library!IMG_1648       IMG_1655

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I embarked on this project solo, but because I was in man territory (also known as the garage), That-Boy-I-Love soon joined me.


I can proudly claim this project with the exception of the roof which required ripping old fence posts down the center. That-Boy-I-Love wasn’t interested in a trip to the emergency room and handled that portion solo.

All-in-all, I’d call this project a win! LOVE our happy little library.